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“erotic utopia…”
— The New York Times


Gay Sex in the 70s is a stunning visual document of New York during the decade of gay liberation and sexual abandon following Stonewall and before the outbreak of AIDS. Gay men cruised the streets, frequented gay bars, and, of course, had loads and loads of sex everywhere. But only 12 years after Stonewall, AIDS brought this unprecedented era of sexual Freedom to a close.

Lovett expertly mixes archival footage and interviews with those who lived through the times, including author/activist Larry Kramer, photographer Tom Bianchi, and the former business manager of the St. Marks Baths. From Greenwich Village to the Fire Island Pines, Gay Sex in the 70s celebrates a city and an era with the unbridled joy that characterized the decade, while at the same time offering a sobering reminder of the AIDS crisis that followed.

“If any of you young pups consider yourselves sluts, you have no idea”
— Genre


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“Sex, brotherhood and proud debauchery.”
— LA Weekly


Gay Sex in the 70s pays a steamy visit to the sexually charged period post-Stonewall, pre-AIDS when gay men experienced an unprecedented sexual freedom.


“Incisive…Evokes a rich sense of the dawning of gay liberation.”
— LA Times


“Sex, brotherhood and proud debauchery.”
— LA Weekly